Our Dogs


 We had our first meeting with Babybull´s Facile at the airport in Oslo where we met her breeder Kari Björnsen. From a tiny waist bag we saw a couple of 12 weeks old bat ears looking out and soon we had got to know our first frenchie.

   Babybull´s Facile, nowadays called Forsa, became a member of the family after seeing our grown up boxer female Skilla. Their relation grew strong and soon they were the best of friends. Facile turned out to be a particularly intelligent and teachable dog, and soon she knew more than her teacher Skilla about mischief and prank.

   The talent and the inclination for tracking turned out to be big and it still amuses her. Maybe it is her physical activity that has kept her healthy through the years.

   Facile has been a good breeding female and all of her three broods have been born naturally and without complications. Nowadays she is a good grandma for her grandchildren and her knowledge is now being passed on to them.

Facile meets Skilla 


Alex, Facile & Laura

Facile, Alexander & Laura

    Her firstborn son and favourite Alexander, is the puppies masculine role model and acts as an extra father. Alexander’s character is similar to Ferdinand the bull; his favourite place is under the apple tree, where he sits and just enjoys life, often together with his mom Facile.


   The siblings Frida and Freddy are always together; if you see one you know the other one is around. As early as when they lay in the little box they had as puppies it was impossible to separate them, but they have not similar personalities. The active Frida loves to run in the forest where she can examine sticks and other interesting things. Frida is a true all-rounder and she seems to be just as good in hunting and tending as being a family dog. She positions moos as elegant as she tends sheep, but she also likes to cuddle with her mistress in the couch.

   Freddy is calmer and likes having the herd gathered. You often find him lying in the semi shadow, looking out on the neighbourhood.


   Our youngest frenchie Laura, in daily speech called Elvis, likes to work just as her mother and sister. She has a talent for training, just as her brood brother Winston. Both of them are competing in it, Winston at the higher levels.

   Laura has had a brood of puppies that was born naturally and gave two boys.


     One of them, Caesar, lives in Sweden and we are following his success in the ring with big suspense.


      His brood brother Cicero is now living in a small village in the Norwegian alps, with his ”older sister “ Hazel




Freddy in the sun


Frida & Freddy

Frida, Freddy & Laura