Our Kennel.


    The owners of Kennel Ekhaga are Birgitta and Gunnar Fahrman. Our family lives in Kinnahult, which you can find on the map between Borås and Varberg. We also spend a lot of time in the deep forests of Dalsland where we have our cabin.

   Kennel Ekhaga was founded in 1957 by the well-known borzoi breeder Signe Hallqvist. After having dogs from Ekhaga our selves and participated in her breeding for many years, we had the privilege to take over the name of the kennel. Much of the knowledge we have today is based on Signe’s solid knowledge och serious breeding.

   Our family is very fond of the nature and animals and loves to walk in the forest just like our dogs. The walks are light-hearted and full of funny pranks – something that is very characteristic fore a French Bulldogs every activity.

   We bought Babybull´s Facile from Kari Björnsen 1997. The delightful female, nowadays a healthy pensioner, is the ancestress in our breeding. Facile came from self - born lines and have had three broods, all born naturally and by means of Laura there have been one self - born brood even in the second generation.